Server room monitoring and rack monitoring with Kentix multisensor technology

Server room monitoring and rack monitoring with Kentix multisensor technology

50% of all IT blackouts are caused by physical threats!

About 50% of the IT system failures have their cause in the infrastructure or caused by human errors.
The system and data recovery requires an average of 4 hours.
In this respect, early and realtime messaging of the threats is recognized and essential.
Recovery processes are expensive and avoidable!
The use of a monitoring system that detects much more critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, dew point, fire, voltage, movement and more, should be a standard in any computing environment; whether small server-room, data-center or distributed infrastructure.
Close the gap in your IT security and meet with Kentix the requirements or the ISO27000.


Detects all threats

Kentix systems detects over 35 different threats in the IT infrastructure and thereby requires only very few system components. Individual solutions such as temperature sensors, burglar alarm systems or fire alarm systems are things of the past.


Instant alerting

Ideally threats are detected so quickly that they don’t lead to expensive failures. Real-time information and redundant messaging are a must for the IT responsibles at all times.


Ingeniously simple

Safety technology must be easy to use and to configure. Complexity causes errors.
We place great importance in our development on easy component networking and handling of our systems.


Monitor the entire infrastructure easily with Kentix360

We make the monitoring of your infrastructure easier and much more effective. With Kentix360 you can use the information on the security status of your IT environment anytime and anywhere – it´s the security center for your pocket. Also, other critical applications in industry 4.0, logistics and supply can thus be monitored more effectively. The advantage is the significantly faster flow of information about critical conditions and resulting risks, and the fastest possible response to avoid critical system states.