Data center planning, analysis, optimization, early fire detection

Lehmann IT helps you with the conceptual design of a newly constructed computing center or server room, but also in optimizing existing infra-structures. We anticipate your needs and develop solutions in consideration of the current situation and a feasibility study.

In the foreground are security, energy efficiency, high availability, scaling bility, profitability.
Our data center analysis and solutions include the following fields: 

Basic evaluation room design and space optimization

  •      Raised floor and access plan
  •      DC location and potential hazards energy supply and optimization
  •      Refrigeration and air conditioning
  •      Security technology (access, burglary, surveillance, etc.)
  •      Reporting and alerting technology organizational processes and alarm management
  •      Early fire detection and fire fighting in server racks and server room

DC Planning & Concepts:

Your IT landscape of the future will be specifically designed and aligned to your preferences and economic conditions. Design, specifications and cost estimates for future IT environment are described and demonstrated. 

Higher energy efficiency, more cooling capacity:

With increasing heat loads, for example through the use of blade server technology, access existing air systems to their limits. With a cold aisle containment can save energy and increase the efficiency of air conditioning. In many cases, there is the direct cooling rack to be extremely wirtschafltiche and energy-efficient solution. Our solution concepts include chillers, free cooling and cooling with geothermal energy.

A team of specialists is designing and building data centers and server rooms to consumer protection objective of the user. Depending on the demand customized solutions from cheap functional solution to high-security data center developed and implemented.

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