Custom Racks - Special Server Cabinets

Custom Racks - Special Server Cabinets

Here you will find a list of special cabinets that we have implemented on request!

With our Lehmann 19" industrial server racks DS CAB with IP54 we already have series products for demanding industrial applications in our program. Often it happens that customers have very specific uses and demands on their IT environment. Lehmann IT has made ​​it´s  task to precisely face these challenges. We manufacture 19" special server racks for many years, which are specially fit to the respective conditions of the customers requirements.

As an example, here is a small selection of our previously realized special cabinets.


Weather-proof wheeled 19" server cabinet

<<< IP64 and integrated split air conditioning >>>

Our client, a leader in laser and multimedia shows, requires 19" server racks with integrated HVAC and IP64 to be able to establish to its high-quality laser projectors at arbitrary locations. The Lehmann server cabinets have to deal in this particular case with almost all conditions and environments.

The special cabinet is mainly outdoors, eg used on rooftops or concert stages. Due to the required operating conditions of the rack it was designed with a flange-mounted air conditioner and is also mobile. This works on the principle of plug and play, say, a single power supply is sufficient for the complete cabinet, including the integrated technology to power. As climate component, a 3.5 kW split device is used in this case. The rack itself was designed as a welded frame construction of stainless steel. All cables and disposals were carried out so that the penetration of dirt and water is impossible.

The laser projectors are installed directly into our 19" server cabinet and project the show from the rack out to the respective screen. To ensure a smooth operation, it is not only important that the laser projectors and 19" components are air-conditioned according to special, it is also important that all vibrations are kept away from the laser projectors. The server cabinet was therefore equipped with special vibration dampers so that the vibrations of the air components are not transferred to the laser projector.













Portable rack for multimedia presentations


Our client is a successful international automotive supplier needed a mobile as well as a rack, which can be placed in a car to the respective location. The server cabinet had easily in a corresponding vans, to be mounted, using the side by led chip toothbelt. In addition, the rack should be able to be transported over rough terrain at the site, this was ensured by the installation of special steerable heavy duty castors. Lehmann IT has made ​​a particular service on the vehicle and the special requirements of custom rack.



Media Rack



SAN solution in the Lehmann-cabinet
Technology and Graphics Hand in Hand



Together with a graphic artist Lehmann engineers designing the outer sides of the cabinets in order to match the customer Losstech design need as well as the corporate colors. Losstech, a manufacturer of integrated server and storage solutions in Lutzhorn in Schleswig-Holstein, north of Hamburg.

With its sanXaler ® Series, a solution for which the company was recently awarded the Innovation Prize IT Initiative Mittelstand, was looking for a compact cabinet solution.

The requirement: All systems - servers, storage and connectivity - should be housed in a compact cabinet. For this purpose, the system should be modular and expandable. Because the Lehmann cabinets are part of Losstech product, the design in Losstech CI played an important role.



Illustrated examples

19" server cabinet in custom colors and Customer Logo