19" Server Cabinets IT Plus

19" Server Cabinets IT Plus

The accommodation of hardware in 19" rack systems is state of the art. The requirements for the 19" Server Cabinets are very complex: stability, capacity, cooling, mounting depths, cable management, and last but not least the compatibility with a variety of housing standards.

Foremost of these is the practical and economic use. In practical, we understand the uncomplicated installation and the safe storage of hardware. Since at any time should the usability and accessibility guarantees remain. In practice, heterogeneous hardware are often to be found ware housing types, the system as possible in a closet to be

We provide efficient solutions to the simultaneous mounting of 19" housings with all 19" mounting depths, tower and desktop housings. Often arise in practice requirement profiles that can only be met by high flexibility. Individual and practical advice and configuration solutions in conjunction with solid and expert manufacturing processes are our strengths.

Our IT Plus network cabinets and server cabinets are available in the following unit heights: 20 U / 25 U / 34 U and 42 U

Note: Special sizes and special "U" are possible on request!!!

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Made in Germany by Lehmann!